About Poonam

Hi everyone. My name is Poonam. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner, a Regression Therapist and a Divine Healing Practitioner.
My journey of living with divine love started when I took my Reiki training . Thereafter, after practically observing its result on my life, I became interested in knowing the profound effect of divine energy on life. Since then, I am continuing my journey on my soul path. I am thrilled to gain valuable knowledge about life mysteries. This blog is my effort to share all such priceless information with my readers.
I will be sharing information about topics such as reiki, chakras, crystals, self-love, mental health and many more on this blog. My goal is to help the readers like you to establish a strong mind-body connection.

About Divine Intelligence

Our physical body, our mind, our soul and our surroundings all are interconnected. Therefore, when we talk about health, it is important to look from all aspects such as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This will help us in ensuring our holistic well-being. The quality of our health is a result of our food, thoughts, beliefs, environment, status of relationships as well as our day-to-day experiences.  Our diseases are mere symptoms of imbalance of our energy. What we need to address are the emotions behind these imbalances. This website is my attempt of helping the readers to learn profoundly about all the factors affecting their overall health. We will also learn the natural ways to lead a healthy and joyous life.
I have used all this knowledge which I refer to as “The Divine Intelligence” for creating a more meaningful life for myself.  Anyone who wants to witness positive changes in his or her life can learn and use this knowledge.
It will be my honour to learn from my readers. So please feel free to post comments and suggestions.
So, let’s start living with the divine intelligence.