When was the last time that you had no doubt in your mind about whether you will be able to do a particular task or no? We all face this situation very often. Often we limit ourselves by underestimating our abilities. We carry a lot of fears and doubts in our minds. Many of these fears have their origin in our childhood. Though we feel that we have forgotten what had happened in the past, our cells carry the effects of those past experiences and adversely affect our present and future.

As Louise Hay says – “Power is within YOU”; unless and until we build confidence in our inner powers, we won’t be able to achieve our goals. Our success and happiness depends on our confidence in ourselves. We are always hopeful about good things to occur in life but at the same time we fill our minds with doubts. Many of us are victims of inferiority complexes. Whatever number of self-help books you read or inspirational workshops you attend, you will fail to see actual results unless you overcome your fears. Our mental attitude changes only when we recognise our own true worth. Therefore, it is essential that we believe in ourselves and value our inner powers.

There are many ways in which we can overcome our inferiority complex. When we stop underestimating ourselves, our self-confidence increases and we keep no room for doubts in our minds.

Find the source

The first step in removing the feeling of being powerless is to find out the sources of such feelings. Many of the things which we experienced in the past leave their effect on our body cells and emotional energy. Unless these sources are cleared, we will not be able to tap our inner power.

Develop Self Belief

It is important to learn to develop faith in ourselves. As the law of attraction says, what we think decides our present and future. If your mind is always occupied with the thoughts of insecurity, then you will end up in facing the similar situations. We carry lot fears in our minds. Sometimes our fears are baseless. However, our thoughts are powerful even if we are feeling fearful for no strong reason. By always thinking fearful thoughts, you might create the fearful situations in future. A person, who lacks self-confidence and is unaware of his inner power, is a person who always lives in fear. We must trust our ability to create things, to take action, to make decisions, to accept changes, to achieve goals and to create your life the way you want it to be. Do not under-estimate yourself or you might easily accept and be content with the things which are less than what you actually deserve.

Focus on what you have

Generally, we feel confident when waters are smooth. However, the increasing problems and changing difficulties in lives drain our energies and discourage us. In such situations, we should make a list of all the good things we have in life such as family, friends, life partner, our values etc. Looking at such list one will automatically appreciate his true worth and thus regain the confidence in his inner powers. However, this exercise should be done consistently. More and more you look at the good things in your life and express gratitude for them, Universe will support you to overcome all the difficult situations in life. You can also supplement this exercise with this affirmation – “Life always supports me in every situation.” Repeat this affirmation, visualize that you are getting the needed support, have strong belief and then witness the miracles!

Be aware of your thinking pattern

Our present and future depends on the type of thoughts we generally think. Law of Attraction works without exception. More you think thoughts difficult situations; you will always face difficulties in your life. More you think thoughts of abundance, prosperity and universal support; your life will be abundant in all aspects. Negative thoughts do enter our minds easily. However, the trick is not to focus on them. Instead, replace your negative thoughts immediately with matching positive thought. For example, if you fear that ‘You might lose money due to increasing expenses’; replace this feeling by iterating ‘My income is constantly increasing’ or ‘ Life supplies all my needs in abundance’. Apply this technique to all so-called fears in your life. Raise you awareness about your thinking pattern and efficiently train your mind to feel powerful in all situations.

Self Suggestion

One effective method to train your subconscious mind is Self Suggestion. From our childhood, we have heard what others say about us and such comments often have long-lasting effects in our lives. As a child, we believe instantaneously in what other say about us. If someone is always told that “You are lazy”, he will believe this and continue to remain lazy even in his adulthood. Other examples of such disempowering comments could be “You are useless”, “You are stubborn”, “You are not focused”, “You don’t value others”, “You will never succeed”, “You will never be able to earn enough” etc.

These comments are not the ultimate truths. However, since these have been repeated over time, these have been stored in our subconscious mind. To reverse their effect, we need to go in opposite direction. That is to say, we should start saying positive sentences about ourselves. Here, time and frequency plays a vital role. We say the negative statements frequently and for a long time. Therefore, to nullify their effect, we must pour the positive thoughts in our minds repetitively. We can reserve few time slots for repetition of positive suggestions in our busy daily lives. Maintaining this discipline is possible only when we understand the power of our mind. Additionally, saying such suggestions in front of a mirror also enhances its effect.

Let me give you few examples of Positive Suggestions which you can include in your schedules and witness mind-blowing miracles in your lives.

  • Life supports me in every way.
  • I am adequate for all situations.
  • I feel good about myself.
  • I accept and use my own power.
  • I am loved and accepted as I am.
  • I accept other as they are and they accept me.
  • I am wonderful. I appreciate myself.
  • I recognise my own true worth.
  • I have the self-esteem, power and confidence to move ahead in my life.
  • I now create my life the way I want it to be.

So, change your attitude about yourself and value your inner power. Strengthen your self-confidence and self-belief; all the fears will run away from you!

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