We can change our life if we change our thinking. Our current thoughts give rise to our future circumstances.

If you start to listen what you talk when you talk to yourself, many of you will find the talks of self-criticism. Suppose, you are working on something very important and you are not getting the desired results even after trying for several times. What will you start thinking? I remember one of my friends used to always say – “I’m sure somewhere I’m going wrong.” She used to always blame herself. Even though she was reading lot of self-help books during those days, she was unable to overcome her problems.

One day I visited her and saw that she was cleaning her room. Suddenly, she found an old photo album. We were going through the photos and I noticed that she was staring at a photo of herself with her cousins. She was stuck at that photo. Initially I didn’t understand what is going on but then suddenly my friend started crying. I could not resist myself. I wanted to know the reason why my friend was so upset. After asking her again and again, she shared one of her childhood memories. In her childhood, her cousins always laughed at her because she was very slow in her activities. She had faced a lot of criticism for this reason. Since that time, her subconscious mind started believing that she works slowly and does wrong things. This was the reason why she was not getting the desired results in spite of reading so many self-help books. She was not practising what she was reading. She needed to heal her inner child.

That was the time when I was reading some of Louise Hay’s books. I found a lot of information about the mind-body connection in her books. Then, I decided to help my friend to do her inner work and clear this old emotional baggage which she was carrying since her childhood. After working for few months with dedication and commitment, she could finally release those trapped emotions.

Here, I will share with you all those strategies that worked for her. These strategies proved helpful to me also in many situations in my life. I am hoping that these will be helpful to you as well.

1. Belief

Our beliefs are the thoughts we are thinking from long time. Some beliefs benefit us whereas some beliefs create hindrances in our personal growth. However, we have the power to change our beliefs. If we believe that certain techniques will work for us then they will surely work. On the other hand, when we say that a particular technique will not work, it will definitely not give any result. Therefore, whenever you are doing your inner work, the very first thing you should do is believe that it will help you grow.

2. Affirmations

As Louise Hay says in her book ‘I Can Do It’, an affirmation is anything you say or think. Most of the times, we keep complaining for the things which are not working as per our desire. Such thoughts eventually invite similar negative experiences in our lives. Therefore, we should start training our minds to think and say positive words so that we can experience positive outcomes. Words are a powerful tool to change our lives. When we become aware of the words we use, we can consciously choose those words which will help us to achieve our goals.

3. Creative Visualisation

It is a technique where one uses his imagination to manifest what he wishes to achieve in his life. We keep imagining many things knowingly or unknowingly. However, unfortunately, most of the times we imagine our problems or difficulties and thus invite them again and again in our lives. Once we understand how we can creatively visualise, we can use this naturally available tool in a constructive way to fulfil our wishes.

4. Mirror Exercise

I became aware of this amazing exercise when I read Louise Hay’s book ‘Mirror Work’. This technique involves use of affirmations while looking in the mirror. This exercise will help you to create a loving relationship with yourself.

5. Anger Release Exercises

Do you feel tightness in your muscles and heat in your head when you are angry? What do you do to get rid of this feeling? Do you yell at someone for no fault on their part? Most of us do not understand how to react when they are angry. Some will take out their frustration on others whereas some will suppress their anger with an intention of not hurting anyone else. None of these techniques help us in releasing the anger from our mind and body. Learning the proper anger releasing exercises such as breathing techniques, acknowledging our feelings, mediations etc. will help us to release the anger in an appropriate way. This way we don’t accumulate such feelings and carry with ourselves in future.

6. Morning and Bedtime Rituals

How we start and end our day plays an important role in experiencing a joyous day-to-day life. When I was unaware of the power of words, the first thing I used to do after waking up was to think about all the tasks I have to finish in that day. On top of that, the last thing that I was doing before sleeping was making a list of tasks to finish the next day. This routine kept me stuck wherever I was in my life. I always struggled a lot for progressing in my career. The best approach is to express gratitude for all the good things we experienced and enjoyed throughout the day. Following this consistently paves the way for more prosperity and abundance in all aspects of our lives.

7. Understand More

We keep meeting many people from different backgrounds in our day-to-day lives. Many times we feel frustrated and irritated with the way some people behave. In such circumstances, we should stop and try to understand the reason behind their behaviours rather than reacting to them. Generally, the types of people we meet in our lives reflect our hidden and unresolved emotions which need healing. For example, if you are meeting stubborn people most of the times, the Universe is telling us to work on your own stubbornness.

8. Practice Forgiveness

Most of the times we blame ourselves or others when things go wrong. Such feelings get accumulated in our bodies and create emotional toxins. As the level of toxicity increases, the body signals us in the form of illnesses. There is need to release these toxins and heal our body by forgiving ourselves and others.

9. Trust Yourself

Fear is the most common negative emotion which almost everyone carries. It could be fear of job, fear of finances, fear of future or fear of change. Fear reflects lack of trust. When you start trusting the process of life, you will become fearless. It is important to face our fears. Otherwise, it will prevent us from growing in life.

10. Love Yourself

Once you start trusting yourself, you will be able to love yourself. You will take care of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. You will understand your inner power and you will take control of your life.

Thus, if we change our thinking patterns, we regain our power to change our lives. When we put efforts in doing the inner work, we start witnessing the amazing changes in our lives. Life feels very easy, effortless and smoothly flowing.

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