As we have seen in our last article, Chakras are the spinning energy wheels. Ancient wisdom says that our body has numerous Chakras, but for now, let us look at the major Chakras. There are seven major Chakras which are located on the spine of our body. These Chakras are like energy gateways of our body. Apart from constantly bringing vibrant energy to our body, Chakras are also responsible for our wisdom and intuitive abilities.

Let us look at each of them.

Major Chakras

First Chakra – Root Chakra (Muladhar Chakra)

It is located between anus and genitals; and it opens downwards. It is related to the issues like safety, survival and security. Our thoughts about meeting our physical needs affect this Chakra. Hence, the working of Root Chakra depends upon what we feel about our finances, career, house, physical safety, basic need and our material possessions. This chakra could be blocked due to our feeling of ‘lack’ in above mentioned areas. Ultimately, this will result in attracting more events of lack in future. A person’s Root Chakra may become excessively active if he obsessive about career, finance and material world.

Earth is the element of Root Chakra and hence this chakra connects us with Mother Earth. Red is the colour of Root Chakra.

The organs like bones, blood, anus, rectum, testicles, spinal column, legs, feet and hips are associated with this Chakra. Imbalance in Root Chakra may give rise to health issues such as lower back pain, knee problems, pains and swelling in legs, weight issues, skin diseases, blood diseases, bones diseases, frequent urination, hip pain, diarrhea, sciatica, cold feet and issues related to anus and rectum.

Second Chakra – Sacral Chakra (Svadhishthana Chakra)

It is located below our naval and is related to issues like sexuality, creativity, emotions, cravings, addictions, and our thoughts about of body and overall health. A person with balanced Sacral Chakra loves himself and others with an open mind. Hence, it is like a centre for pleasure and enjoyment.

Water is the element of Sacral Chakra and Orange is its colour.

The organs like kidneys, bladder, ovaries, bowel and adrenal gland are connected to Sacral Chakra. Imbalance in this Chakra may give rise to health issues such as various addictions, menstrual problems, creativity blocks, fibroids, miscarriages, ovarian cysts, fertility issues, irritable bowel, bedwetting, and fear issues.

Third Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura Chakra)

This Chakra is located below the rib cage and governs the organs in the abdominal area. It is related to the issues like vitality, willpower, manifestation, self esteem, control and authority.

Fire is the element of this Chakra and it is Yellow in colour.

Solar Plexus Chakra governs the organs like intestines, pancreas, liver, bladder, stomach and upper back. Imbalance in this chakra may give rise to health issues such as diabetes, acidity, digestive problems, kidney problems, liver problems, food allergies, ulcers, jaundice and tiredness.

Fourth Chakra – Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra)

This is called as the center of chakras because there are 3 chakras above it and 3 chakras below it. The 3 chakras below Heart Chakra connect us to materialistic world and the 3 chakras above it connect us to spiritual world. Indeed, Heart chakra is the center of Chakra system. It is located at the center of chest. Love and compassion are the keywords for Heart Chakra. A person whose Heart Chakra is open loves himself and other unconditionally and he doesn’t carry emotions like jealousy, anger, hatred towards himself and others.

This Chakra is related to issues like relationship with yourself and others, love, attachment with people and forgiveness.

Air is the element of this chakra and it is Green in colour.

Heart Chakra governs the organs in chest are that include heart, lungs, arms, hands, circulatory system and thymus gland. Imbalance in this chakra may give rise to health issues like blood circulations, asthma, blood pressure, heart diseases, breast cancer, bronchitis, lung diseases, pain in arms or hands and cough.

Fifth Chakra – Throat Chakra (Vishuddha Chakra)

This chakra is located in the throat area and is mainly related to faith and understanding. The issues connected with throat chakra are speaking inner truth, communication and expressing your needs.

Sound is the element of throat chakra and it is Blue in colour.

Throat Chakra governs the organs in the throat are which include throat, ears, mouth, teeth, jaws, shoulder, neck and thyroid gland. Imbalance in this chakra may give rise to health issues such as cold, cough, ear infections, dental problems, thyroid problems, shoulder pain, neck pain, laryngitis, hearing problems, sore throat, tonsils and tinnitus.

Sixth Chakra – Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra)

This chakra is located between two eyebrows and hence it is also known as Brow Chakra. It is related to issues like vision, intuition and imagination.

Light is the element of this chakra and it is Indigo in colour.

Third Eye Chakra governs the organs in the forehead area that include eyes, base of skull, brows, brain and pituitary gland. Imbalance in this Chakra may give rise to health issues such as brain tumour, cataract, vision problems, migraine, nervousness, insomnia, headaches, deafness and learning disabilities.

Seventh Chakra – Crown Chakra (Sahasrar Chakra)

This chakra is located at the crown of the head and it opens upwards. It is related to issues like spirituality, connection to divine, wisdom and awareness.

Thought is the element of this chakra and it is Violet in colour.

Crown chakra governs central nervous system, the brain stem and pineal gland. Imbalance in this chakra may give rise to health issues such as depressions, Alzheimer disease, paralysis, Parkinson disease, headache, epilepsy, dementia, nervous system disorder, insomnia, learning difficulties and Schizophrenia.

Apart from these 7 chakras which are located along our spinal cord, there few more chakras knowledge of which is important. Here are those –

Minor Chakras

Ear Chakra

Ear chakras are located near to and slightly above our physical ears. The colour of this chakra is Red Violet. They govern our ears, eyebrows and extend till forehead. Ear chakras get blocked when you dislike the things which you are hearing in your life. The health issues that may arise due to imbalance in this chakra include vertigo, ear infections, hearing disabilities and tinnitus. Balanced ear chakras help us in communication process and strengthen our intuitive abilities.

Foot Chakra

Foot chakra connects us to the Mother Earth. Energy from Mother Earth enters our body through foot chakra. Once our foot chakra is balanced, we feel energetic, lively as well as grounded. Foot chakra boosts the healing process. Pain in feet, toes and heels could be due to imbalance in foot chakra.

Knee Chakra

Energy of Mother Earth enters our body through foot chakra, passes through knee chakra and then reaches Root Chakra. Knee chakras teach us to be flexible in all areas of our lives. They govern the body organs such as knee cap, ligaments, muscles and tendons in knee areas. Emotionally speaking, our ego and stubbornness are connected to our knee chakra.

Palm Chakra

These are located at the center of our palms. Palm chakras help in passing energy in and out of our body and hence, are important for giving and receiving healing. Some healers hold view that left palm chakras receive energy and right palm chakras give energy out. Whereas some healers hold the view that non-dominant hand receives energy and dominant hand sends it out. Palm chakras are immensely helpful for energy healers for scanning the aura of the client. They also help us in feeling the energy of crystals.

Energy Gateways – Nadis

Energy or Prana enters our body through specific channels, called as Nadis. There are thousands of Nadis in our body. However, three major Nadis are Sushumna, Ida and Pingala. Sushumna is the most important nadi. It runs vertically along our spinal cord.  Energy runs upwards; i.e. from Lower chakras to higher chakras through Sushumna.

Apart from this, energy passes through two energy channels which are on the either side of the spinal cord. The Nadi on the left side is known as Ida and the nadi on the right side is known as Pingala. Ida means Moon and Pingala means Sun. Therefore, Ida is said to carry feminine energy and Pingala is said to carry masculine energy. Ida is cooling energy; Pingala is hot energy.

Excess and Deficiency

You will find very few people who have all their chakras in proper balance. Most of us will have some underactive or deficit chakras ad some overactive or excessive chakras. Excessive chakras have too much energy and deficit chakras have less energy. During the healing process excessive chakras release the unwanted energy and deficit chakras absorb the energy. Eventually, it results in balancing of all chakras and smooth flow of energy through all chakras.

Once you find which of your chakras are out of balance, you are half way on the journey of healing. There are many ways in which we can balance our chakras and we will explore this in our upcoming articles. Some of which include physical exercises, mudras, visualisation techniques, chanting specific mantras, energy healing modalities and meditation. We will discuss all these techniques in depth in our upcoming articles.



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