Our experiences are the reflections of our beliefs. What is a belief? Dictionary meaning of the word belief is “an acceptance that something exists or is true”. What is an experience? It is “the process of doing and seeing things and of having things happen to you.”

Everyone has a set of beliefs. All the things which we hear from our parents, teachers, friends, relatives and others, play a role in forming our set of beliefs. These beliefs act like our guides throughout our lives. Our belief system consists of both positive and negative beliefs. For example, I always take wrong decisions, I never get what I wish for, I am good at convincing people, and I am emotionally strong. We form our beliefs on the basis of what we hear others saying about us.

As Abraham Hicks says –

A belief is only a thought I keep thinking.

A belief is only a thought that I continue to think.

A belief is only my habit of thought.

It’s only a practiced thought.

A belief is only a thought that I think a lot.

If that is the case, then how come our beliefs affect our experiences? Simply saying, everything in our lives is the result of our thoughts. More we hold on a particular thought, more are the chances we will experience it in our life. Our beliefs become powerful only when we pay more and more attention to them. We literally pour our power into them. When we focus on the unwanted beliefs, we invite the unwanted things in our experience.

Every person and every incident in our lives reflects some of the beliefs we have about ourselves. If you think that you are not worthy of love, you will attract such people in your life who will make you feel the same. If you believe that you are not a good decision maker, you will end up attracting such events in life where your decisions will go wrong. Sometimes, we also find a pattern in our positive or negative experiences. At this point you must be thinking – Can I control this?

Yes, of course.

Whenever you feel discomfort in your life, you need to ask yourself few questions –

Do I believe that I deserve this?

Am I inviting these things in my life?

What is my contribution to these experiences?

What is my belief?

Do I feel anger, fear, tension, shame or guilt for something?

How can I change my belief?

When we do not want something that we already have in our lives, we need to replace it with the things that we desire. So the first step in this process is to Let Go. Let go of the beliefs which don’t serve the purpose. Release the fear, anger, tension, guilt, shame and sorrow attached to such beliefs. Make peace with your subconscious mind. Accept the process of life with love. Choose your new beliefs. Show your willingness to change your self-defeating beliefs. Therefore, the process of letting go becomes easier only when you are willing to let it go.

After successfully letting go unwanted beliefs, fill up the gap with some positive beliefs that will help you to achieve the purpose of your life. Our beliefs should match our desires. Finally, you can set up your own beliefs such as –

I am worthy of love

Life supports me in every possible way

I always make right choices

I love myself the way I am

I achieve maximum results with minimum efforts

Changing your beliefs is possible only after you are aware of how you current beliefs are affecting your life. First of all, look inside yourself and find out the connection between the unwanted beliefs and the unwanted life experiences. Once you deliberately start focusing on positive beliefs, you will attract desirable life experience which will make your life truly amazing.

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