What is Life Force Energy?

We all want to enjoy our life journey. It is an amazing as well as a challenging journey. We are energetic beings. The challenges we face in our lives affects our energy. We encounter both positive and negative experiences. They give rise to our feelings and emotions. In turn, it affects our life force energy.
The whole universe consists of five elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and ether or Akasha. These elements are also known as Panchmahabhuta. The same energies create the human body. Energy or life force is an ancient concept which is known all over the world. It is also called as prana, ki, spirit etc.
Every substance has its own electromagnetic field wherein energy vibrates at different frequencies. There are many scientific equipments to measure this electromagnetic field.


Energy is essential to sustain life. We get energy when we consume food. This is one source of energy which is visible to our eyes. There is another source of energy which is not visible to our eyes. It is the meta-physical source. In this case, energy enters the body at certain point called as Chakras. These are the spinning wheels of life force energy. Human body has several major and minor Chakras.
Chakras are located on our spine. They are in fact associated with certain glands and essential organs of the body. An uninterrupted flow of energy through all the Chakras facilitates smooth functioning of human body. But for some reasons, one or more of our Chakras may get blocked. We hold negative feelings about our health, finances, jobs, love and almost every aspect of our lives. This leads to imbalance in our body and we call this situation as disease. Every issue in our life is related to a particular Chakra. When we have thoughts of pure love, our Chakras work perfectly.
It is easy to maintain our Chakras in a balance position. We can do this with the help of healing modalities like reiki, pranic healing, crystal therapy, aroma therapy, music therapy and many more. When there is harmony between all the Chakras, we get the feeling of well being by all means.
It is important to learn about major Chakras and modalities to balance them. This will ultimately help us to unleash the unlimited energy within us. The knowledge of Chakras will serve as a guidebook for rest of the life.
I came across the wisdom about Chakras during my Reiki training. At that time, I was sceptical about it. It was difficult for me to digest that every thought affects our energy. But when I used this knowledge in my life, I was in love with my Chakras. I experienced profound changes in my life.
So let us begin our journey of embracing our Chakras.


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