What is Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is Red in colour and its element is Earth. Earth element denotes that Root Chakra connects us to Mother Earth and thus acts as a foundation of our life. A strong root chakra supports us in all the phases of our life. Its Sanskrit name is ‘Muladhara’, which means Root Support.

As mentioned in the Introduction Article for Chakras, Root Chakra governs the organs in the lower part of the body, i.e. from hips to toes, large intestine, colon, blood and bones. If you are suffering from any physical issues in this part, then it’s time to balance your Root Chakra.

On the emotional front, Root Chakra represents the issues of survival, safety, security, stability and support in the life.

Since Root Chakra is at the base level, it forms the foundation of our life. It is believed that in journey of healing the chakras, energy in Root Chakra needs to balanced in the first place. This is because if the Root Chakra is out of balance, it will give rise to imbalances in other chakras. A well balanced Root Chakra gives us the necessary support in all aspects of our life.

For strengthening our Root Chakra, it is necessary to build connection with our physical body. We will be able to survive in this world only when our body supports us to do so. What do we need to consider for maintaining healthy body? Of course our diet and exercise! Certain foods and specific exercises help us strengthen our Root Chakra. Some other things which give us the feeling of stability are our home, our work and our finances. When there are any issues in any of these things, it affects our Root Chakra.

The element of Root Chakra is Earth which represents solidity. Therefore, when our basic needs are not getting fulfilled, our survival gets threatened. Eventually, this creates imbalance in our Root Chakra and we lack the solid foundation for making progress in our lives.

A well-balanced Root Chakra gives us the necessary stability in our lives. Eventually, we feel healthy and grounded in mind and body. We become capable of manifesting our desires and lead a joyous life.

Symbol of Root Chakra

Let us understand the symbol of Root Chakra.

Root Chakra Symbol

Four petals – Four directions; east, west, north and south OR Four aspects of human soul; mind, intellect, consciousness and ego
Square – Solid nature of earth element
Lam – Bija mantra of Root Chakra
Inverted Triangle – Feminine Shakti Power
Shiva Lingam – Masculine Power
Wrapping around Shiva Lingam – Kundalini
Elephant with seven trunks – Seven major chakras

(Photo Source – Chakras by Anodea Judith)

When the Root Chakra is energized, the Kundalini travels upwards awakening the other chakras.


“Get yourself grounded and you can navigate even the stormiest roads in peace.” – Steve Goodier

When you maintain a strong connection between your physical body and the Mother Earth, you are said to be grounded. A grounded person always lives in present. He is fully aware of the surrounding reality and therefore, feels safe and secure. Such person deals with all the circumstances in a realistic way. When we are grounded, the vital energy of the Mother Earth enters our body through the lower chakras and travels towards the higher chakras. We get all the support and nourishment from Mother Earth. Lack of this support makes us feel unsafe, unstable and powerless. As a result, we find it difficult to understand our true purpose in life. We feel separated and disconnected from our Source.


Demon of the Root Chakra is Fear. Our natural reaction to the fear is ‘fight or flight’. However, under certain circumstances, it becomes difficult to take action against fear. Under a fearful situation, we are pushed to take some or other action to survive. When we fail to take any action, the increased charge in the body doesn’t get released and gets trapped in the body. This creates the blockage in Root Chakra. Therefore, one needs to find the ways to release this excess energy from the body. There are numerous ways to do this. We will discuss them later.

Excess and deficiency

Ever since we are born we face various situations in our life. Every situation pushes us to react in some or other way and leaves impact on our memory. Some situations leave positive impact whereas some leave negative impact. Thereafter, when we face similar situations again in our life, we either over-react or avoid the situation altogether.

The issues that are related to Root Chakra are physical body, home, work, finances and environment. These are the things which are essential for our survival. Thus, if we are excessively involved in these issues, we would be excessive in Root Chakra. Similarly, if we are avoiding the issues related to our body, work, finances etc., we would be deficient in our Root Chakra.

Following table shows the basic characteristics of deficient, excessive and balanced Root Chakra. It is possible to have both excessive and deficient characteristics of one chakra at the same time. It depends on what strategies we use while dealing with our day-to-day experiences.

Deficient Characteristics Balanced Characteristics Excessive Characteristics
Fear, anxiety Stable Resistance to change
Disconnected from body Connected to body Over occupied with body
Poverty consciousness Prosperous Materialistic
Underweight Healthy Overweight
Resistant to structure Solid Overly interested in structure

Thus, people with excessive Root Chakra should release the excess energy and those with deficient Root Chakra need to receive more energy. This can be achieved through many ways such as yoga, exercises, sound healing, and energy healing. Healing and balancing of chakras is a gradual process.

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